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Our Beliefs And Values

We are a company with strong opinions and values that drive the work we take on and the way we deliver it.

Engagement Approach

We believe that organisations are always significantly more capable than they realise, in both identifying and executing strategies to deliver organisational objectives and in transforming the way they operate. We believe there is often too much reliance on outsourcing to expensive consultants who don’t bring suitable domain knowledge or experience to justify their costs, and who don’t deliver any meaningful business impact. Furthermore, this outsourcing prevents new knowledge and experience from being built within the organisation. Our vision is for organisations that take responsibility not only for their day-to-day operation, but also the delivery of their strategic goals and the constant evolution and transformation of the way they work.

Our approach is therefore always to partner with organisations rather than to do things for them, and to focus on educating, training, coaching, and enabling the people in your organisation to be truly self-sufficient.  Success for us is when we’re redundant and no longer needed.

For more information see our How We Work page.

We try and exemplify everything we say and teach in the way we work.

That means every engagement is done in an agile way – we work to outcomes and not plans, constantly adapting what we’re doing to maximise the value we deliver, using metrics to measure our impact. We use Epics and Lean Portfolio Management techniques to manage the work we’re delivering – putting you in the driving seat of where our time and effort is focused. And we focus on principles over practices, with regular retrospectives to review what we’re doing and what isn’t working.

Ways of Working

The Role of Leaders

We believe any change within organisations has to come from the leaders of that organisation.

That’s why a large part of what we do is focused on organisational leaders, ensuring they lead any change, and that they understand how their behaviours and actions need to change in order to support and re-enforce what they’re trying to achieve.

Our Values


Principles and ethics are more important than profit – we will walk away if we don’t feel we’re adding value, we won’t take contracts where we don’t think we can, and we’ll look to work with partners and suppliers that share our ethics and values.  


Transparency, sharing and the common good is critical – we’re open sourcing everything we teach and will continue to do so. We hope this will enable organisations to transform themselves without our (or anyone else’s) help.


We believe in taking accountability for everything we do, both as a company and as individuals. We plan carefully to ensure we can make commitments and will raise anything that might impact delivery of these as soon as we’re aware of it.