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Who We Are

Alan Jennings

Alan is a ICF ACC executive coach who has coached and trained leadership all over the world. He is a firm believer in bringing playfulness to the workplace through Lego Serious Play and the application of TBR (Training from the Back of the Room).

Alan works with teams and leaders to co-create change which will stick and a culture focused on putting human connection first. This is implemented through a wellbeing led systemic adoption model. He has experience of working in complex government organisations delivering large scale change.

Alan started his journey as a programmer, leading teams to build security and government solutions. He then discovered his passion of creating team environments in which he himself would have wanted to work.

Ask Alan about:

  • Board games
  • Lego
  • Coaching and facilitation
  • Systems coaching
  • Bluey

Jo Hills

Jo has a varied background from 18 years in the civil service, working across a range of policy, corporate, programme delivery and portfolio roles. Most recently as Deputy Director, Head of Defence Digital Portfolio Team in Ministry of Defence.

She has extensive experience of leading large, complex digital portfolios, building and transforming teams to support their effective management. She has a track record of leading teams to implement a service-oriented approach, focussed on their users and supportive of the digital teams they support.

She has led an enterprise-level service transformation to restructure and embed new ways of working across a complex delivery landscape. Empowering teams to drive the transformation through a series of experiments, challenging teams to focus on activity that delivers the most value to the organisation while maintaining a strong focus on rigour through the definition of clear handrails.

Jo has reinforced this experience through completion of her Enterprise Agile Coaching and Coaching Agile Transformation qualifications, and has threatened to confiscate her kids Lego for serious play if they don’t keep their rooms tidy.

Ask Jo about:

  • Digital Portfolio Management
  • Implementing a Service approach in non-digital teams
  • Enterprise agile transformation
  • All things Italian

Jon Malcolm

Jon has experience of coaching teams and their leaders to make some form of real world, consequential impact from theory and concepts. As a creature of the coal face, Jon is happiest amongst the ‘doers’, helping them self-organise to identify and address their own challenges and improve their own environments.

Jon has worked with teams from both the public and private sectors for over 7 years, delivering everything from software to hardware, business change to policy.

Prior to this, Jon was a British Army Officer for 21 years, deploying in a wide range of operational roles across the world. He learned the importance of intent based leadership, and a great deal about trust.

Jon’s continuous learning journey is being shaped by his near obsession with empowering teams and then getting out of their way. He enjoys learning about new frameworks and approaches, mainly to identify the common anti-patterns he can then rail against. He also loves the technical detail so takes every opportunity to roll his sleeves up and get amongst it.

Ask Jon about:

  • Intent based leadership
  • Empowering teams
  • Self organising teams of teams
  • Radical transparency
  • Data, tooling and geekery
  • The laws of cricket

Matt White

Matt has experience of enabling organisations to achieve enterprise transformational outcomes; based on business agility, the improved flow of value and the transition from projects to product delivery approaches.

Matt has worked with a wide range of Government Departments in various leadership roles over the last 11 years. He has overseen the adoption of Lean practices in large, complex, highly regulated government hardware programmes, has helped orientate software departments around the adoption of value-streamed Services and scaled Agile practices, and more recently has been involved in taking the principles of digital services (and GDS practices) and applying these beyond digital teams across an entire department.

Prior to working as a consultant, Matt was a Crown Servant for 20 years working in several central government departments and Law Enforcement Agencies, delivering national and international programmes that have provided foundational national security capabilities.

Matt’s continuous learning journey is being shaped by balancing his professional achievements with his commitment to his wife and family of 4 daughters alongside his passion for classic cars.

Ask Matt about:

  • Enterprise scale transformation
  • Senior leadership coaching, inc sensemaking in a VUCA world and leading with intent.
  • Applying Government Digital Services principles beyond digital teams.
  • VW classic vehicles

Peter Gardiner

Peter’s experience is in helping organisations transform themselves using Lean and Agile principles and practices – from scaling agile delivery, to creating product and service focused organisations, and the practices that underpin these including organisational design, lean portfolio management, and product and service thinking.

Peter has worked in this space for over 7 years, helping a range of public and private organisations transform themselves through the adoption of new organisational models and mindsets.

Prior to working as a Lean and Agile consultant, Peter was a developer and architect for over 15 years working in the consulting sector delivering systems for a range of public and private organisations, following a thread of trying to create bigger and bigger impacts, culminating in the realisation that the most meaningful and impactful change was always to be found in changing the way the organisation worked rather than delivering any technology system.

Peter’s learning journey is shaped by his thirst for new ideas and thinking to challenge his existing mental models, and his desire to then experimentally test these to drive continuous improvement.

Ask Peter about:

  • Applying Lean and Agile principles to transformational change and organisational design
  • The role of Architects in Agile organisations
  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • The power of introvert consultants
  • Scout Quarter Mastering
  • Alpine Holidays